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Lisette Belisle

A Waldenbooks bestselling author and Romantic Times reviewers’ choice finalist, Lisette writes stories about ordinary people doing extraordinary things and overcoming the odds. Finding true love along the rocky path to happiness is the ultimate reward.

How did she choose writing? Actually, it chose her. At the impressionable age of 10, Lisette read a book about a nurse who went around saving everyone, and she decided that was exactly what she wanted to do. Many years, many books, a nursing career, and three children later, she discovered that the author of that book had inspired her, as well as the nurse, and that it was time she put her own thoughts and feelings into a book. Romance novels were a natural choice. Apart from the essentially upbeat message, where else would she find heroines who went around saving people?

Lisette grew up in New Hampshire and currently lives in upstate New York with her engineer husband, Frank—her biggest supporter. She credits her husband for helping her to get published by dragging her into the age of technology. They have three children and eight  grandchildren. Family comes first in her life—which won’t surprise any of her readers. It’s also a recurring theme in her books, along with overcoming trauma, whether it’s emotional, physical, or spiritual.

A mutli-published Harlequin Special Edition author, she is also the Founder and current Co-President of SRWA.  Contact her at [email protected] .

 Tom Grady (T.R. Grady)

Tom is a North Country boy who grew up in Lake Placid, NY and currently still lives in northern New York with his wife, Phyllis.

Much of his working life has been spent as a journalist and editor for several newspapers.

After many years of rejections and frustration, Tom’s first traditionally published novel came out in March 2017 – a romantic suspense “The Resort”.  He has also published an aquarium hobby book “The Killifish Encyclopedia” and a fantasy novel set in the Adirondack Mountains of NY – “The Mists of Almharach“.

Currently Tom is working on several series projects ranging from Romantic Paranormal “The Noctis” and “Afterlife” to continuing his Frankie James Mystery series – “Fanning the Flames“.

You can connect with Tom at http://trgrady.com  or email him at


Vincent Marrone








Sally Booth

Sally Booth, Author
IRON COP — A Romantic Suspense








In Memorium

Ludima Gus Burton

Ludima Gus was born in Farrell, PA on April 28, 1920. She attended Farrell High School, Nyack Missionary Training Institute, Hunter College, and New York State Teachers College (summa cum laude).

On January 27, 1945 she married Guy L. Burton, a returned veteran of the Pacific Theater of War – after falling in love at first sight! She has two daughters, Daphne (1954) and Jennifer (1955). Sadly, her husband died in 1981 at age 59. She never remarried.

She taught high school social studies in Northville, NY until 1978.

At age 71, Ludima wrote her first romance novel. She thought it was perfect. Alas, editors didn’t. She then joined Romance Writers of America in 1992. In 1993, she co-founded Saratoga Romance Writers of America, Saratoga, NY. She attended many conferences and workshops. Read many how-to books and wrote and wrote and wrote. She submitted everywhere, with a never-give-up determination.

In 1999, at age 80, Avalon published her first book, ONLY FOR A YEAR, followed by three more: THE TYCOON & THE SCHOOL TEACHER, THE LOVE POTION, and THE WEDDING CAKE. Publish America published THE SURGEON’S MIRACLE.

She then turned to e-publishing. Arlene Chase of Write Words, Inc. has published (Kindle & print) THE CHRISTMAS BALL, NEVER A COUGAR, DREW GETS IT RIGHT, and WIFE, LOST AND FOUND. And now, at age 94, HIS SON, HER DAUGHTER is being published.

Age is not a factor. Just NEVER GIVE UP! If she can do it, so can you.

Her website is http://www.ludimagusburton.com

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